About me

My name is Kelvin and I'm a front-end developer. I love coding and make the code simple, I'm also a mechanical keyboard geek and like cute stuff 😍.

Actually, I started off being a back-end developer for about 2 years, until I realized I have more fun working on front-end stuff, so I quite my job and start learning HTML, CSS, and JavaScript from ground up. And after 3 months, I landed a job on 2016 as a front-end developer and the rest is history 🕕.

I also like being involved in building local developer communities. I've worked as a staff in a few React Bangkok meetups and events, and a bigger event like JavaScript Bangkok also. One of my proudest archivement is when I built a companion webapp with my frield to be used in React Bangkok 3.0.0 to accomodate people to socialize and connect with each other. It was a huge success for me, because it was used by 4-5 hundreds people and the feedback for the webapp turned out to be pretty good. I learnt a good product doesn't have to have a ton of features, but it needs to serve its purpose well 🥳.